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I dunno how I feel about Overstock.. Anyone else using it? I did put up a couple of things...


some funky felt pins...

I think they're not too cheap... That subscription plan doesn't sound too bad, I might go with that - but I don't like the sound of that $15 "set up" fee for people setting up new subscriptions -- doesn't sound like much of an incentative plan to buy one right out of the gate, huh?

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I haven't posted in a while, these are the "new" ones Over at eBay:
this is Brownie Bear:


and Lean on Me:


Sumtin' Fishy Mermaid:


and Matey Tomat-y (who also comes with a little card -- remember how I was saying I was gonna make my own business cards?)


I have three NEW pocket monsters over at Etsy too, (http://verukadollsland.etsy.com) a naked devil, a toaster tart pastry pal, and a bad apple (spoilin' the whole bunch, naturally). I'll post some pics of them later.. I've been getting a lot of heat lately for the prices over at eBay -- I CANNOT control the auction outcome, lol, it's market price, I'm sorry, I do start them most reasonably, and I always have a few fixed price items in my eBay store, and more so at Etsy.