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The Little (passive-agressive) Mermaid

This is my NFAC entry for February, our theme is "fairy tales". The Little (passive-agressive) Mermaid:

is it just me, or is that story messed up? She's like the Original psycho stalker or sumtin'. She knows this guy what, maybe half an hour? He's unconcious (and soaking wet, that's a great look) the whole time, and she's gonna make a deal with what might the devil to sell her voice ('cause really, why would you wanna say anything, ever again?) to change her Species and follow him home - did I mention that its excruciatingly painful? What the hell? Talk about needy... She couldn't a just hung around until he woke up? Hey, how ya doing - love yer fleshy appendages - so, would you like to go for a swim sometime?

Sumtin' Fishy MERMAID

A new animaid doll, this one is half-bat, its "under the sea" theme month for the Doll4Art group...

I don't know if HTML works the same on this blog format.. the auction is at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7423115817&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 if you can't see the picture here... there's more pics there.

I think I need a dragon.. I saw a dragon yesterday -- well, I dunno I mean, it looked like a dragon, I don't think it was a kite 'cause there was nobody attached to it, but I suppose it couldn't been one of those radio-controlled toys or some natural animal (I'm no zoologist, lemmee tell ya -- I use to divide all birds into "chicken" and "duck" -- the difference being if it had webbed feet, it was a duck - claws would make it a chicken). Anyways, I only saw it for a second.. we do have buzzards, I understand (I saw them in the paper) maybe it was one of those. I thought I'd make some dragons anyways.

I really have a ton of supplies I have to list - its supposed to help tidy up this mess so I can find what I want to work with, lol. I'm doing a big project for another company (sorry, its 'hush-hush') and trying to keep my Etsy store stocked (http://verukadollsland.etsy.com).

I sold my first Pin of the Month Club subscription. I don't wanna go overboard on the subscriptions -- I don't wanna commit to too many things. I still have one here, but I think that two should be enough. I only offered two year long doll subscriptions and two six-month doll subscriptions. I tried to have them ending on different dates.