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NB Open Market 1/13

I'll be downtown this Saturday at the Open Market -- they've changed the time, its 12-5 now - there were Very few people who came by before noon last time, I noticed.. at first I thought it was a great idea (it may have been my idea, lol, I had suggested it before) of course, it is dark by five now, so you don't get as many strollers in the winter-time - plus I notice all the coffee shops and such close between 2-3.. there's a nice one (with internet access) on the same corner, tho.. Melanie and I stopped to have a coffee last time with her cute little munchkins..

Anyways, I'll see you there, if you're downtown - conversely, if there's anything you've been Stalking now would be the time to make your purchase - or at least let me know so I can leave it behind me here :-) http://verukadollsland.etsy.com


Tomorrow! 10-3 And where shall it be held this time?

768 Purchase Street,
New Bedford, MA 02740-6344

Swing by if you're in the area.. many funky-cool vendors and much hip swag to make yer Christmas Merry and Bright -- link to map-quest..