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new doll, new series

Resurrection Ignatz
by ~verukadolls on deviantART

I'm updating my deviant art -- and its not even Tuesday!  New rag doll in a new series I'm working on.  This one is made from some very cool vintage cotton, with a cashmere face and hands, and some vintage buttons forming his eyes and mouth.  You can see more pics at Etsy http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=43538285, or read a better description at DA

busy weekend..

Wuvable Wubbie:


Pink Polka Dot Wubbie:


one eyed voodoo:


Blue Bird of Happiness:


I put these up today, I've been running around like an idiot this weekend... those are all at eBay, although I have wubbies at etsy, too http://verukadollsland.etsy.com

Grievances, a golden idol and brave new world #2

We got Plenty o' Grievances at Veruka Dolls Land, here's a small green one:


This is Betty the second doll in my Brave New World Series:


Golden Idol (well, ya know how some people feel about their cat..)