Gwen LeBlanc (veruka_dolls) wrote,
Gwen LeBlanc

Abandoned places

I've been reading all day about weird abandoned places -- I've always been fascinated by places no one goes anymore... I live next to what used to be a large factory, in crummy factory-housing, actually. The house across the street used to be a garage (and still Kinda looks like one) and the house at the corner was the office. There's still A wall, when we first arrived there was a little 'bridge'? Well, it functioned as a bridge anyways, it was a brick footpath to a small 'island' on the other side of the river - perhaps it was once a support for a building.. its long since fallen in. I had taken some pictures there a few years back, here's one where you can see some small trees growing out from the remains of a brick wall...

I entered it in the 'weeds' show (not that kinda weed!) if yer so inclined to see the show, you can follow this link:
Tags: abandoned, photography, places, ruins, weird

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