Devious Journal Entry

Resurrection Bao
by ~verukadolls on deviantARTv

it must be Tuesday, I'm updating my Deviant Art page.  Bao is larger than Oscar or Ignatz, about 11 inches tall.  You can see more pictures at Etsy, if you are so inclined:  This series is one of my 'recycling' projects.  They're friends made from discarded things (hey, who doesn't need more friends, I wonder?) 

Awfully wet here, today -- they're expecting more Rain, and flooding.

new doll, new series

Resurrection Ignatz
by ~verukadolls on deviantART

I'm updating my deviant art -- and its not even Tuesday!  New rag doll in a new series I'm working on.  This one is made from some very cool vintage cotton, with a cashmere face and hands, and some vintage buttons forming his eyes and mouth.  You can see more pics at Etsy, or read a better description at DA

Abandoned places

I've been reading all day about weird abandoned places -- I've always been fascinated by places no one goes anymore... I live next to what used to be a large factory, in crummy factory-housing, actually. The house across the street used to be a garage (and still Kinda looks like one) and the house at the corner was the office. There's still A wall, when we first arrived there was a little 'bridge'? Well, it functioned as a bridge anyways, it was a brick footpath to a small 'island' on the other side of the river - perhaps it was once a support for a building.. its long since fallen in. I had taken some pictures there a few years back, here's one where you can see some small trees growing out from the remains of a brick wall...

I entered it in the 'weeds' show (not that kinda weed!) if yer so inclined to see the show, you can follow this link: